Not just a fashion brand, but a true sustainable revolution.


Fenice Official was born in 2019. It was idealized by Valentina Pesce during their studies in Marangoni Milano.

CEO and Creative director of the brand Valentina Pesce has always been driven by the passion for sustainability and drive to create her unique clothing line. Valentina had the idea to create a product that presents the features of  a contemporary woman: confident and comfortable in her skin, empowered by her own style and uniqueness. Aiming to increase the growth of environmental awareness. Considering the brand’s values, it can be said that these creative ideas came from different but complementary worlds. Valentina found in fashion her way to share, create and express her own nature.

The choice of the name, Fenice Official, tells the spirit of the brand representing all women by empowering them through its designs. Fenice becomes a fundamental core concept in which every woman can find expression, recognizability in her own style.

Fenice Official is an italian brand specialized in sustainable fashion. With the primary focus to implement sustainable strategies and innovative design developments that lead to increased environmental awareness. Working only with strictly certified natural and eco-friendly materials in the best quality of source in order to be long lasting.

Bring in the market women exclusively and sustainable clothing lines that marry full transparency, unique design, and comfort, with particular attention to the quality of the materials.

All of our products are OEKO-TEX, FSC or Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified, and manufactured with low environmental impact and full respect of workers. We work with European organisations specifically focused on providing access to safe and sustainable organic materials.

The mission of Fenice Official is to transmit its brand identity in the world from the values described above: women empowerment and eco-sustainability. Not just a fashion brand, but a true sustainable revolution.

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