We are proud to say that our collections and packaging are completely plastic-free. All our materials are 100% natural and certified. We chose not to use polyester mixed fabrics because they cannot be recycled as the process to separate polyester requires too many chemicals.

We are proud of the fabrics we are sourcing. They are toxin-free and certified, coming from companies that ensure fair and regulated working conditions. 


We want you to live in our products, so we ensure to produce them with best quality of source in order to be long lasting. Using only of the finest materials, ethical manufacturing, impeccable quality, innovative developments and timeless design.

All of our yarns are traceable, OEKO-TEX® and Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified, and manufactured with low environmental impact and full respect for workers.

We work with European organizations specifically focused on providing access to safe and sustainable organic materials.

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